History of Ottoman Empire Part 06

History of Ottoman Empire Part 06

I give peace to all and accept peace from all, Allah loves peace and tranquility and detests chaos as evil”.
The result of this behavior of Sultan Muhammad Khan was that peace and order was established in Europe, the fact is that the Ottoman Empire, which had just woken up from a deadly and dangerous disease, was extremely harmful to it, a few days to it There was a dire need to rest and eat a pious diet, it was by the grace of Allah that Sultan Muhammad Khan became the most suitable Sultan on the Ottoman throne and his behavior proved to be the reason for the strengthening of the kingdom and future developments in every respect.

In Europe, Sultan Muhammad Khan established peace and order,

but there were a series of revolts in Asia Minor, so Sultan Muhammad Khan had to go to Asia Minor with his army, there he started the rebellion of the first Samrna, then the rebels of Qurmania. The Sultan was silenced and occupied by force, then the Sultan took the prudent measure to establish friendly relations with all the states or kingdoms that were established after the death of Taimoor, and to possess all Asians little. I am satisfied that no more attacks will be like the Taimuri attack.

In 820 AH, when Sultan Muhammad Khan had come from Asia

Minor to Adriatic Nopel, the Sultan’s war fleet fought fiercely with the Venice war fleet in the Aegean Sea near the Daniel Pass, during which the Turkish fleet suffered severe losses. The reason was that the inhabitants of the Aegean Sea islands were under the democratic government of Venice, these people used to raid the Sultan’s coastal areas such as wetlands etc, Sultan Muhammad Khan ordered his war raft to suppress them, But it was confronted by the fleet of Venice which was too powerful, so the Sultan’s navy suffered, soon after this naval battle the Covenant of Peace with Venice was renewed.

Venice was a very small state founded on democratic principles,

but its naval power was superior in the Roman Sea, after that there was no threat and no war for the Sultan apparently and compared to the Sultan expanding his kingdom Internally wanted to strengthen it, so Sultan Muhammad Khan established madrassas in Jabja cities and towns, appreciated scholars, arranged for peace and security of roads and warmth of trade, purposely this Sultan adopted that behavior Which caused him to be accepted by friends and foes and praised by all.

His followers addressed him as Chilpi, brave and serious temperament,

and he was the Sultan of Peace who became famous in all countries, but despite this, there was a mischief in his execution, which was created by the Qazi of his army whose name was Qazi Badruddin. What.
The detail of this Ajmal is that a neo-Muslim Jew became an apostate and motivated that Sultan Muhammad Khan should be removed and established a democratic state. Qazi Badruddin took the same idea and they both took a Turk named Mustafa. Was not an educated person, made his own religious leader and started to make people like him by publishing his thoughts in both Europe and Asia.

This uprising progressed and took a dangerous situation

and Sultan Muhammad Khan was very worried, this uprising began to mouf his followers from within, this uprises became more successful and faster because Sultan Muhammad Khan Christian established good relations by making promises of friendship with sultans, his friendly treatment with christians was usually disliked and liked by his muslim followers, the public couldn’t understand that there was peace in that era The strategy of the Ottoman Empire is more useful for the Ottoman Empire.

So, when they were provoked by the mentioned rebels,

they immediately came back to their words, after all, Sultan Muhammad Khan, using all the courage and readiness to promote this rebellion, ended it within a few days and all three rebels were killed, due to this threat. Sultan Muhammad Khan had to face a dangerous rebel after being saved. In the Angra war, a son of Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram named Mustafa, was killed, but after the war, his body was not found. Taimoor also found Mustafa’s body after the war.

It was searched but it was not found anywhere,

so it was suspected that Mustafa’s killing was killed. Now, in the last government of Sultan Muhammad Khan, i.e. 824 AH, a man in Asia Minor claimed that he was Mustafa Ibn Bayazid Yaldaram, that face and face. I was also similar to Mustafa, so many Turks accepted his claim and Junaid, the factor of Simrna and the governor of Walesia, further confirmed his claim that he was not happy with Muhammad Khan, so Mustafa mentioned With the help of these provincial guards,

He reached Gili Poly and occupied the area near Thasli.

Sultan Muhammad Khan immediately took the army to the competition and after a fierce battle near Salonica, Mustafa mentioned in defeat and ran away after a tough battle near Salonica. And Caesar reached Constantine and became a refugee.

Sultan Muhammad Khan wrote to the king of Constantine

that Mustafa is our rebel, send him to us, but the Qaiser refused to return him and promised that he would keep him imprisoned with utmost care and a closed eye, provided You keep sending me some money to compensate for his non-profit and expenses, since these days Sultan Muhammad Khan had become more thoughtful due to continuous revolts and so he felt it necessary to follow this strategy even more that Qaiser or Not to start fights with other Christians, so he accepted Caesar’s words and also approved a reasonable sum of compensation for the detention of Mustafa the rebel.

Even after the uprising, Sultan Muhammad Khan cared

more about Mustafa the rebel, and he decided to go to Constantine himself considering it necessary to make his relationship with the Caesar of Constantine more pleasant and stable, while he went from Asia Minor to the Gate of Daniel. Adria was coming to Nopal after crossing Gali Poly, Qaiser of Constantine suffered a lot of joy upon hearing about Sultan Muhammad Khan’s arrival and brought him to Constantine with a great welcome, here Sultan and Qaiser have reaffirmated friendship. Renewed, after that the Sultan had to go to Gallipoli, where Sultan Muhammad Khan died of Sakta disease in 825 AH.

Comment on Sultan Muhammad Khan’s tenure:

Sultan Muhammad Khan was 27 years old at the time of the Grape War. After the Grape War, he became an autonomous ruler in the town of Imlesia in Asia Little and wars with the brothers continued. For eleven years he was busy in testing the brothers. But the dominant and absolute ruler became of the Ottoman Empire, for eight years he ruled and ruled as a Sultan,

His tenure was full of mischief and mischief,

he adopted a moderate and useful strategy that led to the Ottoman Empire which was closer The tomb had been done, then became healthy and strong, so some historians have also given it the address of Noah, meaning he saved the sinking ship of the Ottoman Empire and set it on the shore of salvation.
Sultan Muhammad Khan is the first of all, the first Ottoman Sultan to allocate a reasonable amount from his royal treasury to the residents of the Kaaba and Makkah,

Which reaches Makkah every year and distributes

it among the deserving and works for protection and monitoring of the Kaaba. I used to be alone, so the Caliph of Egypt, Mutazid Allah Abbasi gave this Sultan the address of the Servant of the Harmain Sharifain, whom this Sultan considered to be the cause of honor and honor for himself. The same address developed in a future era and made the Ottomans the Caliph-ul-Muslims.

Sultan Muhammad Khan was 47 years old at the time of his death

, his eldest son Murad Khan Sani, who was eighteen years old, was a commandant of an army in Asia Minor. The ministers of the kingdom hid the death of Sultan Muhammad Khan for forty days. And immediately sent the news to Murad Khan Thani that you should perform the throne ceremony after reaching the kingdom without Tamil. Forty days later, the body of the Sultan was brought from Gallipoli to Barosa and buried.

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