History of Ottoman Empire Part 05

History of Ottoman Empire Part 05

The attack of Moses that he made on Serbia proved very useful for the Ottoman Empire, because it changed the idea of Christians in Europe that the Ottomans are now too weak, then Moses invaded Constantine and besieged Caesar Found it necessary to punish Constantine, Qaiser Neutel was also a very smart and vigilant man,

He had strengthened his relations with Muhammad Khan

in this free time, who had become strong enough by being occupied and submissive in Asia Minor and to those small states that Taimoor had established, was adding to his government, apparently it was known that both brothers Moses and Muhammad were willing to partition that Moses occupied European territory and Muhammad ruled the Asian territory, although there was no treaty regarding it and There was no formal decision, but Qaiser’s fiber of madness and cunningness created a complication very soon.

When Moses besieged Constantine, Qaiser sought help from Muhammad Khan and Muhammad Khan unexpectedly lifted the siege of Europe. It was considered necessary to take the army to the coast, thus European Turks and Asian Turks engaged in war on the front of Constantine and opposition was established between the two brothers.

The siege of Moses was still established, when Muhammad Khan

received the news of a subordinate rich rebel in his Asian territory, and he immediately went to rebel in Asia Minor. This rebellion was done by Moses’ gesture, so that Muhammad Khan was a Christian king. Unable to help, Muhammad Khan managed to start the rebellion very soon, but in his absence, Moses besieged the siege and the situation of Qaiser Constantine began to become very thin, Muhammad Khan was freed and returned to Constantine and took Stephen Shah to Serbia.

It was written that you go out against Moses, we will help you,

Muhammad Khan’s support Pakar king of Serbia, who was already harassed by Moses, stood up, when Moses heard of the exit of the king of Serbia, he left Constantine. The siege was lifted and turned towards Serbia, from there his successor Muhammad Khan arrived with his army, the two armies confronted each other in the field of Jarli on the southern border of Serbia, and the result was that Moses was killed in battle and Muhammad Khan ibn Sultan.

Bayazid Khan Yildaram Muzaffar and Mansoor became the throne in Adria Nopal and was recognized as the lone author in all the Ottoman occupations.

Since Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram’s descendants was

the only governmentable man left, so the civil war ended. Muhammad Khan took the throne in Adria Nopal and took an oath of loyalty to his subjects, army and chiefs, and to whom Sulaiman’s son rebelled. Ka had strong anxiety, and kept his brother Qasim, who was a resident of Barosa, after blinding and blinding him, he was kept in great comfort, honor and luxury just so that no future mischief could take place, these events occurred in 816 AH.

Thus, the civil war continued in the Ottoman dynasty for

eleven years after the War of Grape, the existence of the Ottoman Empire in this eleven year civil war and then emerging as a magnificent strong monarchy is one of the wonders of the world. There are very few examples in the history of the world that a family or a nation has endured such a huge push and undergone such dangerous circumstances so quickly.

Sultan Muhammad Khan ibn Sultan Bayzid Yilduram

became the throne of Adria Nopal in 816 AH and began to carry out the affairs of the kingdom with utmost cunningness and wisdom, before the Christian Caesar of Constantine and the Christian King of Serbia, now his throne They both congratulated him and sent valuable gifts and gifts. In response Muhammad Khan proved his love for peace in such a way that he approved many concessions for the King of Serbia and King of Constantine also received the forts of Thessaly which were occupied by the Turks and some places on the coast of the Black Sea whose democratic state which was a great naval power was always contented with the Turks,

Sultan Muhammad Khan’s safety and reconciliation.

Hearing the fame, he also requested for reconciliation and Sultan Muhammad Khan unexpectedly reconciled with him. Walesia,Albania,Bosnia,etc Turkish provinces became autonomous as soon as they heard the news of the grape war and Christians in every country established their kingdoms,they were all worried that the Ottoman Sultan would be satisfied after the throne and would return their father’s provinces to their kingdom again Would like to add and attack us,

after hearing about this success of Sultan Muhammad Khan, they all left their ambassadors to Darbar Sultani for congratulations, Sultan Muhammad Khan met these ambassadors with utmost warmth And while leaving, he addressed these ambassadors and said that you must go to your masters and say this on my behalf:

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