History of Ottoman Empire Part 04

History of Ottoman Empire Part 04

Civil war of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram’s sons:

The destruction of the Ottoman Empire after the Grape War seemed to be no stone unturned, as Taimur gave much of the areas of Asia Minor to the riches of the Seljuk families, who were small reins in Asia Minor before the Ottoman Empire. You would keep Were, in some areas he had established new states on his own, Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldrum had established his eldest son Sulaiman in Adria Nopal when he came to Asia Minor to compete Taimur.

Being informed of the outcome of the Battle of Angora,

the Christians dared to take back their territories, and the rest of the European occupation except Adria-Nopal and its suburbs left the Ottoman Empire, even Caesar Constantine, who was impatient about the outcome of the war. Was waiting, expanded their occupation and the Christians of Europe were able to breathe a sigh of relief, but despite the battles with the Ottomans in the past, their terror still prevailed so much in the hearts of the Christians that they adrived the Ottomans Couldn’t be willing immediately to be dismissed from Nopal.

The area of the Ottoman Empire was very limited and short,

which included a small part of Europe and a small part of Asia, then the biggest disaster occurred that the civil war began among the sons of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram. Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldrum had seven or eight sons, five of whom remained after the grapefruit, whose names are: Sulaiman Khan who established the father in Adria Nopal, Moses who was imprisoned with the father, Isa who escaped the grape war. Fled to Barosa and became the ruler of it,

Muhammad who was the youngest and most worthy

son of Bayazid, began to rule another city in Asia, Qasim who had no courage and lived with Muhammad or Isa. It was, so after the arrest of Bayazid, in the Ottoman territory of Asha little, Muhammad and Isa began to cry separately, and Solomon occupied the European territory, very soon Isa and Muhammad fought, so that it was decided that Asia Who among these two will make a statement on the Ottoman occupation of Kuch? After a fierce bloody battle, Muhammad defeated Isa and captured Barosa, and Jesus fled from Asia Minor to his brother Solomon in Adria Nopal to bring him to Muhammad in Asia Minor, so Solomon took his army. Kur came to Asia minor and conquered Barosa Wangora.

What a lesson it is that Sultan Bayazid Khan was enduring

the harshness and humiliation in the prison of Yeldaram Taimoor and his sons were fighting among themselves that who should say what is left of the kingdom? They certainly didn’t care about their father at the time they were stabbing each other, and they never imagined his sufferings and humiliations, otherwise they wouldn’t have wished for each other’s blood, them days While Solomon came to Asia Minor and fought with Muhammad, eight months after the Battle of Grape,

Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram died in prison and Taimur allowed his son Moses to release him from prison and take his father’s corpse, Moses He was carrying his father’s dead body, and on the way, the Seljuk Raees of Qurmania arrested Moses. Muhammad, who was defeated by Solomon, was thinking of bringing power to fight the wanderers and Solomon, was worried about this news. Wrote to Roy Qarmaniyah, please release my brother Moses, so that I and both of them together can do something for Solomon, the ruler of Qarmaniyah considered the battle between Solomon and his brothers as a treasure to keep the power of the Ottoman Empire. This civil war can end.

So he immediately accepted Muhammad Khan’s recommendation

and released his brother Moses,who immediately came to his brother Muhammad Khan as soon as he got out of his father’s burial,because Moses was in prison with his father,so his acceptance was Usmani Amra And the soldiers were naturally more, Muhammad Khan’s strength increased as soon as he participated, and the battles continued with great noise in the fields of Asia Minor, Muhammad and Moses were on one side and Solomon and Jesus on the other, after all Jesus was in these battles.

It worked, but Solomon did not let his two opposing brothers to get over him, several times Muhammad and Moses were defeated, finally Moses said to his brother, give me a little army and send them to Europe, so that I can be there Go and occupy and Solomon was forced to leave Asia and turn to this side, Muhammad loved this idea of his brother, so Moses reached Adria Nopal with his army, upon hearing this news Solomon also turned to this side and Moses and Solomon a bloodthirsty.

The war broke out, Solomon since he was the eldest son

and considered himself the sole ruler of the whole Ottoman Empire, so he did not think much of making unusual concessions with the military chiefs and keeping them happy, but Moses and Muhammad since snatching the government from Solomon Wanted and knew his right inferior to himself because of being small, so his behaviour with his army was very good and did not let any chance to please and honor his army chiefs Were, which resulted in the military chiefs favoring Moses over Solomon, which caused Solomon to be defeated over Moses.

Solomon, defeated and absconded, was going to serve the Caesar

of Constantine, when he was arrested and killed on the way in 813 AH, now only two brothers remained, that is Muhammad and Moses. The European part of the Ottoman Empire was under Moses’ control and Muhammad on the Asian part. Occupied, Moses, since he knew that Caesar Manothal pleologus was favoring Solomon, and therefore Solomon wanted to flee to him,

so he decided that Caesar should punish Constantine too,

but before that he It became necessary for Stephen the ruler of Serbia to punish Serbian, because Stephen the ruler of Serbian supported the declaration Sulaiman, so he climbed the First Serbia and defeated the Serbian army in the battlefield so that his back was broken And then the terror of the Ottomans in the border districts and fear in the hearts of the Christians.

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