History of Ottoman Empire Part 03

History of Ottoman Empire Part 03


The battle of Angora is one of the most magnificent and laudable events in the world, in this battle, Moses, the son of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram, was also imprisoned with his father, Prince Muhammad and Prince Isa were able to escape from the war and save their lives, Taimoor told Sultan Bayazid khan Yeldaram Imprisoned in an iron cage and after this fight in the same condition of imprisonment, Sultan Bayazeed Khan

Yeldaram who was a great Jah king should be imprisoned

with humiliation and publicity and disgrace To enjoy is a black and abominable stain on Taimoor’s noble morals, the brave and the nobles always try to do favor to the oppressed and subdued enemy, said Sultan Alp Arsalan Seljuki When Qaiser Constantine was arrested in the battlefield of Mulla Zikro, he was sent off with utmost respect and respect and made him the commander of the occupied country again, when the King of Punjab came back to Alexander the Greek after being arrested,

He Not only that the country of Punjab has given it to him,

but also by adding more countries to it, he has made it the ruler of Punjab, Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram himself arrested 25 princes in the battlefield of Nicopolis and then Left everyone saying go away! Now prepare to face me well again. Unfortunately, the treatment of Taimoor by controlling such a brave Benazir and such a Mujahid of Islam, this makes Taimoor’s bravery and country-grabbing stature fall from sight.
Taimoor kept Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram in a barrack the way lions are locked in a barracks,

it must create a poetic soothing imagination that he locked the Ottoman lion in an iron cage thinking it to be a lion. But there can be no answer that Taimoor’s humanity could not see any difference between man and animal.

The humiliation Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldaram suffered as

a result of the Grape War was not minor and that is why he could not stay more than eight months in this severe prison, Taimoor showed only this much humanity on the death of Sultan Baizid Khan Yeldram. The work of handing over the body of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram to his son Moses who was in captivity and allowed him to take his father’s body to Barosa and bury him, all the turban and victory of Taimoor Mandian was limited to subduing Muslim sultans and massacres in Muslim cities and he could not have the capacity to do Jihad on non-Muslims or spread Islam in non-Muslim areas,

Taimoor too after the death of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram. Didn’t live long, he reached Samar Qand and set out to China with the intention of doing a raid on the non-Muslim territory, but Allah Almighty did not let it complete and on the way He has passed away.

Taimoor himself has also mentioned the war of grapes in

his own discretion, but very concisely and briefly. Which shows that after the death of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram, Taimoor deeply regretted his action and why he cursed the Ottoman Sultan. Destroyed, if Tawzak Taimoori is studied closely, it can also suggest that the arrest of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram was seen by all Muslims of that time with the eyes of extreme hatred and sorrow, that is why Taimoor war Definitely respects the details and the proud statements about the grape and it is possible that he intended to win the country of China to compensate for the same heinous crime that could not be fulfilled. Allah knows the reward.

Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldaram’s statement has become

somewhat long, but I expect the readers not to find me more guilty in the length of this statement, Sultan Bayzid khan Yeldaram and the grape war It is often realized that at this point in time the proportion of this acronym of Islamic history is being distorted which has so far been observed in the writing of this history, but the significance of these circumstances certainly justifies the length.

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