History of Ottoman Empire Part 02

History of Ottoman Empire Part 02

The sound of male foresight, the lightning of swords and spears, the blood shed on the ground, the beating of corpses and heads, the occasional sigh of restraint from the mouths of the wounded, the roar of elephants, the humming of horses, all of this together one. It was an enjoyable and joyful time that only the fortunate ones can get the opportunity to witness or participate in such interesting spectacles once or twice in their lifetime, the hearts of the brave are restless and young eyes in the desire of such spectacles and such scenes.

Monitoring lives, the value of such interesting and blood-

thirsty scenes can be judged in such a way that thousands and millions of heads are separated from the body to increase their radiance, what better opportunity for excitement and crowd rejoicing It may be that the human body becomes too attached to iron, swords do not like to dwell in the neum of dry skin, but walking in the living flesh of man desiring them, the chests move forward and spear In the sight of the fruit of K, the fountains of blood come out of love, t

He cowards have understood that Qais Amiri

was the biggest lover who became mad in the love of Laila, but ask the truth of love from the young men who give you swords. You are also fond of drowning in blood, just as the sword bathes in the river of blood in the battlefield, confirm these words from the brave, do not tell the cowards these pleasant and pleasant things, because they are yours and Will waste your time in some argument.

This heartwarming spectacle continued till evening in the field of Angora,

and both the sky and the sun wished that the cloud of dust obstructed them and did not allow them to thoroughly examine the ability of the brave and the nakedness of the young men, Taimoor Prince Abu Bakr from the army of the United Arab Emirates disintegrated the ranks of the Turks with a very fierce attack on Suleiman Chilpi, only after Abu Bakr Sultan Hussein attacked Suleiman, both of these attacks were no less shocking that the third attacked Muhammad. Sultan did, Sultan Bayazid Khan,

Seeing such a critical condition of Yildaram’s Maisra,

a Sardar of Bayazid, Mohammad Khan Chalpi Suleiman, the Turkish army stopped these fierce attacks of Taimuri army with great bravery and manliness and the Mongols The multi-assault army had to return to their designated spot, which was once a level higher after a brief swordsman.

Sultan Bayazeed Khan, when this trouble was coming on the Mesra of Yeldaram, he was with the heart of his army preventing the great and severe attack of the Mughals that the Mughals heart had committed on Bayazeed with war elephants, Bayazeed in this battle Because of my extreme arrogance, I forgot that I am the commander-in-chief of all my army and I should keep an eye on every part of the battlefield by separating from the rows of qatal, rather,

He himself ran the rows upon the enemy like a brave soldier

Started breaking attacks, his brave army also did the right to break the line in imitation of his Sardar and defeat the rival Afghani, so Bayazid removed the army of the heart of the Mongols from his front and drove the Taimoor Sardars away.

It was now the duty of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yelduram to arrange his Yemen and move forward by organizing his Jamiat in a better way, but he chased away his opposing armies and attacked incredibly high at the same level where Abu Bakr and Sultan Hussain and others were possible by returning, Taimoor Prince and Taimoor Sardar Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram could not withstand this attack, Sultan Bayazid khan Yeldaram dispersed six powerful chiefs of the enemy in a blink of an eye and captured this mound,

Taimoor begins From till the end, he did not participate in the battle himself, but he had his eye on every corner of the battlefield, he strengthened the pawn he saw weak in this scattered chess and immediately withdrew from where he deem appropriate to retreat. He tried to make the color of the battlefield as per his wish with great foresight and perfect determination by evening.

Seeing Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram making such

a victorious advance, he with the help of his fresh forces, separated Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram from a large part of his army by attacking Sultan Bayazid khan Yeldaram’s memna and mesra. At the same time, many Mongol troops who were in Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldaram’s army joined Taimoori’s army, causing severe damage to Sultan Bayzeed Khan Taimoor’s army, now Taimoor made a very lucrative attempt to take advantage of the large number of his army. Ki, i.e. ordering all armies to attack the enemy through Qarna, Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram’s lamb and Mesra had already been severely wounded and weakened by the disloyalty of the Mongols, this common attack Auri gave dirham to Bayazid’s lamb and Misra Devastated, Bayazid’s son Mustafa was killed, his brother-in-law, the Christian leader, fled destroyed and Bayazid went home with his guard squad to the enemies from all four sides.

Bayazid and his life-sacrifice showed the essence of swords

in this situation was part of them, Bayazid’s condition was that wherever he attacked, he pushed the locusts of the Mongols far away, many times such an incident It reached that Bayazid attacked and tore through the ranks of the Mongols, where Taimoor was standing encouraging his army to attack, even as the darkness of the night began when Bayazid almost all were sacrificed. He had been killed, this Ottoman lion was also arrested for falling from a horse stumbling and all the hopes of the Islamic world that was associated with the caste of Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram were buried in the field of Angora.

If nature is not distorted, it is human’s speciality

that he values bravery and loves the brave, that is why in every country of the world the lion which is the animal that kills humans is seen with respect And people want to be likened to a lion, although ox and horse are very useful to man, but no one likes to call himself ox or horse, the name of Rustam who fame and Hazrat Khalid Bin The greatness that Waleed (may Allah be pleased with him) has achieved in the world is also due to the same bravery which is beloved and desirable to human nature.

Rustam, Rahni, Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (May Allah be pleased with them), Sultan Salahuddin, Napoleon, Usman Pasha, etc. are the lion-hearted people of the world. Every country and every nation is treated equally with respect and dignity.

Back in the days of European World War era,

a small German warship named Emden sailed towards the Indian Ocean and the Lakahil Sea, the ship showed exceptional bravery and courage for a long time and caused great damage to the British, but when it The captain of Ka has arrived in England after being arrested, the residents of England used to break up on each other to see him and look at him with utmost respect, when we read about Rustam’s bravery in the Shahnama, we arrive at the place where Rustam is one Our heart is filled with sorrow when the son of Sattarzada Shaghad is killed by the hands of a Nami.

The most important and glorious manifestation of regret and blindness can be examined when the end of a very brave person is a form of failure. I have appeared, perhaps the arrest of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram in the vineyard field is also one of the greatest events in the world whose imagination fills the helpless heart with regret and blindness.

If Taimoor had been defeated in the Angora field,

Taimoor and his family would have suffered a great loss, but the Islamic world was not afraid of any loss because of Taimoor’s defeat, because the eastern countries that were under Taimoor were still Muslims after Taimoor. Living under the occupation, there was no fear that Islamic countries would join the government of a non-religion, but the defeat of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram severely damaged the Islamic world,

because the Islamic advancement towards Europe stopped

and nem Dead Europe is again breathing a sigh of relief. In this war of Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldaram and Taimur, if Sultan Bayzid khan Yeldaram would have won, since Sultan Bayzeed Khan Yeldaram’s army was less than a quarter, so this battle lasted 463 AH. Believed to have taken place in the battlefield of Mula Zakro in Asia Minor, in which Sultan Alp Arsalan Seljuki defeated two-three lakh Christian armies with only twelve thousand Muslim armies or similar to the Third Battle of Panipat in 1174 AH.

Hui in which only the same nine thousand Muslim army

defeated five six lakh armies of Hindus or the Battle of Kiswa and Battle of Nicopolis would have entered the list, because in all these battles small armies defeated the bigger armies, probably By assuming the battle of Nicopolis, Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram did not take into account his shortage and the abundance of Taimoor, but he did not think that Taimoor and his army were also Muslims, in which battles were abnormal numbers caused by an astonishing shortage. Defeated they always had a large army of infidels and a small army of Muslims, but in the battle of grapes since both sides were Muslims, it had to overpower the scarcity so it prevailed.

Although Taimoor belonged to the Genghis nation and,

like Genghis Khan, he was more than victorious in the country, but since he was a Muslim, his existence and his tenure despite the fact that he fought more than the Muslims. There was nothing to complain about, as the small states of Muslims were being transformed into a magnificent kingdoms, what could Muslims be more fortunate that their magnificent kingdoms were established in the west and one in the east, Muslims One king wanted to reach the coast of France and the court of England,

Achieving victories in the West similarly the other Taimoor,

turning to the east and went to the coast of China and the Sea of Japan, achieving victories in all the world and Islam There was no word in coming under the shadow, because just as there was no support of Taimoor in the East, there was no power in the West to handle Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram’s clash, but alas, the grape field has defeated these two Muslim kings. Pulled and these days collided, two ships colliding in the sea, two extremely fast trains on land colliding from opposite directions in hot weather,

two drunk elephants colliding, one of two bloodthirsty lions

Attacking another is indeed very shocking and poignant scenes, but in the vineyard field Taimoor and Bayazeed, two Muslim kings, two great conquerors of the world, the two tallest braves of the world, and the two most courageous ones in the world, the most important thing is the battle of all. Increasingly awe-inspiring and most poignant sight was, two mountains moved from their places to crumble each other to the vineyard field or two seas excited to bring each other down Were are

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