History of Ottoman Empire Part 01

History of Ottoman Empire Part 01

Battle of the Grape:

According to 19 Zil Hajj 804 AH, on 20 July 1402, Bayazid and Taimoor were tested and when the night began, it was decided to fight. The army with Bayazid was one hundred twenty thousand. Told, but Taimoor’s army is usually more than five lakh and some historians have stated eight lakh, anyway! Even if Taimoor’s army is considered at least, it would have been the same as Bayazid’s army and if it is also considered that Taimur’s army has become cheap,

refreshed and Bayazeed’s army was tired, hungry and thirsty, so both were both. There is even more difference in the proportion of powers, then even more the imagination of the treachery shown by the Mongol forces of Bayazid’s army in the exact battle of war and the weakness revealed by the Christian leaders to the confrontation of Bayazid and Taimur Proves the competition between lion and goat, but all this should be understood as a result of Bayazid’s inadequacy and it should not be denied that Bayazid’t stupidity and ignorant enthusiasm were exhibited in the Grape War and Taimur’s war predictions and telescope. Very well expressed .

It is quite a separate thing that we regret the defeat of Bayazid

and find Taimur at fault in this battle, because the results of this battle proved extremely damaging to the Islamic world and Europe which was going to become the Islamic continent, the Christian continent Remained. (We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return)

I don’t want to write the detailed circumstances and the detailed situation of this fight because the Ottoman family, which was a religious and religious family, was made a hundred disgusting, but the historical duties must also be fulfilled, so listen to the brief situation!

Amir Taimoor decorated the ranks of the army in such a way

that he appointed Prince Mirza Shah Rukh as an officer on Memna. The names of the chiefs whose armies were involved in this army of Memna are: Amir Zada Khalil Suleiman, Amir Sultan Shah, Amir Rustam Burlas Sonjak Bahadur, Musa Tui bugha ameer yadgar etc,amirzada mirza sultan hussain appointed as a helper for memna army,ameer noor uddin jalair,ameer barmzaq barlas,ali qujin,amir mubashir,sultan sanjar barlas,umar ibn taban etc with their own armies in mesra They were appointed, the chief officer of all these armies of Mesra Prince Miran Shah was appointed, the lower army of Mesra was handed over to Amirzada Abu Bakr Amir Jahan Shah Barlas, Amir Tawakal Burlas, Pir Ali Salduz.

In the right side of the army of hearts,

Tash Tamura Ghulan Uzbak, Amirzada Ahmed Jalal Bawarchi Yusuf Baba Haji Soji, Alexander Hindu Bogha, Khawaja Ali Irvi, Dolantmoor, Muhammad Qujin, Idris Qorchi etc. On the backs of these chiefs, Baig Wali, Elchakdani Hari Malik, Arghun Malik Sufi Khalil. Essen Taimoor, Sheikh Taimoor, Sanjaro Hussain and Umar Baig sons Naik Rose, Jaun Arabani, Birvi Baig Qaujin, Amir Zirak Barlas etc. were appointed as helpers.

The leadership of the left part of the heart was handed over to Amir Tawakkul Qaraqra, Ali Mahmood, Shah Wali, Amir Sonjak Tankri, Bezish Khawaja, Muhammad Khalil, Amir Luqman, Sultan Burlas, Merik Elchi, Pir Muhammad, Shankaram, Sheikh Aslan Ilyas Kapak Khani, Daulat Khawaja Burlas, Yusuf Burlas, Ali Qabchaq etc. A small army of radars. Me Amirzada Muhammad Sultan, Amirzada Pir Muhammad, Iskandar Shah Malik, Ilyas Khawaja Amir Shamsuddin etc were with their own armies.

In addition to the above-mentioned division and order,

the forty powerful troops of Taimoor kept separately in their rakab, so that the army could immediately deliver aid to the parts needed during the battle. In addition to the five six lakh or eight lakh army, one of the Felan Koh Pekar. The number of whose exact count is not known, Taimoor had in this war, these war elephants were lined up infront of the army, Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram had no war elephant.
Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram handed over the army of Mesra to Suleiman Chilpi, the officer of the army of Memna made his Christian brother-in-law, took care of the heart himself and kept his three sons Moses, Jesus and Mustafa behind him.

The drum of war was played from the sides and the lions of Ghazanda

moved towards each other, the poor army shook the surrounding hills and mountains, the floor from the tops of the horses became dusty and took the form of Abertera and reduced the sun’s spectacle, but the sword itself. And Sinan and Zara hit each other and sparked sparks, blood splashes began, the front rows of the brave appeared to be dead bodies in a blink of an eye,

the soldiers in the back rows crushing the corpses of their brothers The hues moved forward and immediately began to pave the way for others, the sound of arrows, the sound of bows, the rustling of swords, the noise of being trapped in spears, the sound of swords fighting and breaking.
“Be there soon, be alert, well done.

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