Examples of Social Media Marketing

Examples of Social Media Marketing

Examples of Social Media Marketing.Brands use social media to build a community and gain brand awareness. Here are some examples of social media campaigns that have achieved this goal. Starbucks’ “What’s Your Name?” Campaign, Coors Light’s “Together Tastes Better” campaign, and Visit Norway’s #SheepWithAView campaign are just a few examples. But that which social media campaign is right for your brand?

Coors Light’s #TogetherTastesBetter campaign

As part of a new national social media marketing campaign, Coors Light has taken aim at millennials and Gen Z with its “Made to Chill” 360-degree campaign. The ads, which will air on Hulu, YouTube, ESPN, Shark Week, and more, are designed to get people to unplug from social media and have a chill night in with friends and family.

The new campaign aims to get the attention of millennials by promoting both its beer and non-alcoholic alternative products. Many millennials are now choosing healthier booze over traditional beer, or abstaining altogether. Furthermore, more young people are staying home when they feel hungover and want a non-alcoholic beverage. This is the perfect opportunity for Coors Light to appeal to this hipper, younger audience.

The campaign was so successful that the company is giving away $1 million worth of beer in its own contest. The contest is part of a larger campaign from Molson Coors, which also includes commercials starring Paul Giamatti and a Twitter element. Home chefs can share their recipes and bake them with Coors Light and enter for a chance to win the prize.

The campaign has many benefits for the brand. One of its main advantages is that it attracts consumers, which results in a positive impact on the brand and sales. The campaign is also a great way to increase brand awareness. By allowing consumers to share their favorite moments on social media, Coors Light is making a great impact on its industry. You may not have realized this, but social media marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors in marketing.

Starbucks’ #WhatsYourName campaign

The success of Starbucks’ #WhatsYourName social media campaigns comes from a variety of factors. The brand is well-known for its consistent branding, its attention to customer service, and its use of social media and other marketing mediums to reach their target audience. Despite its many pitfalls, the company’s overall approach is laudable. Here are some key takeaways from the company’s recent social media marketing campaign:

This integrated brand campaign was inspired by the lives of transgender individuals. The campaign was created in collaboration with transgender woman Iris, who worked for the brand in London. The transgender community is underrepresented in TV and print advertising, and Starbucks’ #WhatsYourName campaign aims to highlight its commitment to bringing acceptance and inclusion to its customers. Currently, only 0.3% of television ads feature transgender people. With this integrated brand campaign, Starbucks can re-ignite its reputation as a progressive company.Funpaary

While the “WhatsYourName?” Social media marketing campaign was inspired by real-life experiences of people transitioning from one  to another, Starbucks took the time to amplify the voices of these individuals and highlight the positive impact it had on their lives. As a result, it received over 450,000 views in one week. The campaign also includes a limited-edition mermaid cookie. Starbucks hopes to raise $100,000 for the charity by the end of 2020.

The #WhatsYourName campaign highlights the importance of identity and acceptance for transgender people, highlighting videos on its UK social media handles and inviting followers to share pictures of mermaid-themed cookies. In addition, the brand pledged to donate PS100,000 ($130,000) to Mermaids, a British non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of transgender issues. The #WhatsYourName social media campaign quickly spread across the world, with users applauding Starbucks’ commitment to inclusivity and connecting with the transgender community.

The campaign has achieved many goals. It has garnered a large following on Twitter and Facebook and has helped Starbucks to reach a larger audience. The brand has successfully tapped into the transgender community and has been recognized with a diversity in advertising award from the U.K.’s Channel 4. In addition to granting the ad PS1 million in airtime, Starbucks has won numerous awards for its ad.

The #WhatsYourName social media marketing campaign has garnered both positive and negative feedback. It has made a positive impact on the transgender community, a group that lacks visibility in  culture. By acknowledging the voices of transgender people, the #WhatsYourName campaign has also gained positive exposure on Twitter. Whether or not this campaign is effective is irrelevant – the company’s ultimate goal is to sell more coffee, and it’s an important part of this endeavor.

The brand has taken a stand for inclusivity through their #WhatsYourName social media marketing campaign. This campaign is not only based on the lived experience of the transgender community, but it also features an ad featuring a young adult named Jemma, who repeatedly hears her birth name “James” and is confused when she realizes it’s not her real name.

Visit Norway’s #SheepWithAView campaign

The creative team behind Visit Norway’s #SheepWithaView campaign chose four sheep from different regions of Norway to create an eye-catching campaign that has been viewed by 64 million people on social media. The concept was so compelling that it generated a positive reaction from audiences across age groups, interests, and backgrounds. In addition to generating an emotional response, the campaign’s uniqueness allowed for a genuine connection with its audience.

In addition to showcasing the diversity of Norwegian sheep, the campaign aims to show how opinionated the country’s citizens are. Its sheep-like personalities and regional differences have helped the #SheepWithAView campaign gain 9,000 followers in 10 days. It is this unique campaign strategy that enables Norwegian tourism to appeal to more diverse audiences. The campaign aims to highlight the depth and diversity of the country’s tourism sector and make it a better place for everyone to visit.

The creative team did not work with actors but instead conducted interviews with real farmers and filmed sheep to create true-to-life stories. The content team worked to include a video of a fjord view with music. In addition, the campaign team used a content calendar to introduce the four sheep one at a time. While the four countries presented new sheep at the same time, the stories were customized for each individual country.

Examples of Social Media Marketing.The team developed a social media strategy centered on leveraging natural resources to attract tourists. In particular, the #SheepWithAView campaign leverages Norway’s annual tradition of releasing millions of sheep. To promote the campaign, four sheep are strapped with cameras in different regions of Norway. The sheep are then released and visitors can capture the experience and share it with others. And while the #SheepWithAView campaign isn’t a perfect example of a content strategy, it worked and was widely shared.

The #SheepWithAView campaign is an innovative way to spread the word about Norway, especially to tourists who don’t want to go anywhere else. Two million sheep are released into the Norwegian countryside every year without supervision, so the campaign aims to show the diversity of landscapes and scenery of the country. The campaign was launched in the UK on 4 July and has already garnered more than 3.1 million followers on Facebook.

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